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build: bump required FFmpeg/Libav libraries
The af_lavrresample commit made compilation fail on Libav 10, so I think it's time to require somewhat more recent dependencies. Libav 11 is the latest release, and FFmpeg 2.4 seems to correspond to Libav 11. So use these. Also adjust the configure failure message. Instead of (accidentally) printing the pkg-config versions twice, print the release version numbers too. This is helpful, because the release version numbers are completely different from the pkg-config ones. I will probably remove some compatibility hacks in the following commits too.
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@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ Essential dependencies (incomplete list):
- Audio output development headers (libasound/ALSA, pulseaudio)
- FFmpeg libraries (libavutil libavcodec libavformat libswscale libavfilter
and either libswresample or libavresample)
- At least FFmpeg 2.1.4 or Libav 10 is required.
+ At least FFmpeg 2.4.0 or Libav 11 is required.
- zlib
- iconv (normally provided by the system libc)
- libass (OSD, OSC, text subtitles)