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README: mention some semi-required FFmpeg dependencies
I think DASH playback tends to work much better with FFmpeg's DASH demuxer, which requires libxml2. For nvdec, FFmpeg git master now requires the external nvidia headers, since the builtin ones were removed.
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@@ -132,6 +132,10 @@ FFmpeg dependencies:
- OpenSSL or GnuTLS (have to be explicitly enabled when compiling FFmpeg)
- libx264/libmp3lame/libfdk-aac if you want to use encoding (have to be
explicitly enabled when compiling FFmpeg)
+- For native DASH playback, FFmpeg needs to be built with --enable-libxml2
+ (although there are security implications).
+- For good nvidia support on Linux, make sure nv-codec-headers is installed
+ and can be found by configure.
- Libav also works, but some features will not work. (See section below.)
Most of the above libraries are available in suitable versions on normal