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README: add links to various changelogs
We're too lazy to maintain a full changelog, but there are still a bunch of places which document specific changes. A user really should check them on each update, even if there are transition periods (including printing warnings etc.) for most changes. It's a good idea to give them more exposure by adding them to the README.
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* [Overview](#overview)
* [Downloads](#downloads)
+* [Changelog](#changelog)
* [Compilation](#compilation)
* [FFmpeg vs. Libav](#ffmpeg-vs-libav)
* [Release cycle](#release-cycle)
@@ -14,6 +15,7 @@
* [Contributing](#contributing)
* [Relation to MPlayer and mplayer2](#relation-to-mplayer-and-mplayer2)
* [Wiki](
+* [FAQ](
* [Man pages](
* [Contact](#contact)
* [License](#license)
@@ -47,6 +49,20 @@ Releases can be found on the [release list][releases].
For semi-official builds and third-party packages please see
+## Changelog
+There is no completely changelog, however changes to the player core interface
+are listed in the [interface changelog][interface-changes].
+Changes to the C API are documented in the [client API changelog][api-changes].
+The [release list][releases] has a summary of most of the important changes
+on every release.
+Changes to the default key bindings are inidcated in
## Compilation
@@ -197,7 +213,7 @@ In general, mpv should be considered a completely new program, rather than a
MPlayer drop-in replacement.
If you are wondering what's different from mplayer2 and MPlayer, an incomplete
-list of changes is located [here][mplayer-changes].
+and now unmaintained list of changes is located [here][mplayer-changes].
## Contact
@@ -220,6 +236,9 @@ only if discretion is required.
## License