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@@ -2082,6 +2082,33 @@ caveats with some properties (due to historical reasons):
If a VO is created, this will return either the actual display FPS, or
an invalid value, instead of the option value.
+``vf``, ``af``
+ If you set the properties during playback, and the filter chain fails to
+ reinitialize, the new value will be rejected. Setting the option or
+ setting the property outside of playback will always succeed/fail in the
+ same way. Also, there are no ``vf-add`` etc. properties, but you can use
+ the ``vf``/``af`` group of commands to achieve the same.
+ While playback is *not* active, the property behaves like the option, and
+ you can set a chapter range. While playback is active, you can set only
+ the current chapter (to which the player will seek immediately).
+ When set as option, the maximum (set by ``--volume-max``) is not checked,
+ while when set as property, the maximum is enforced.
+ The property is read-only and returns the current internal playlist. The
+ option is for loading playlist during command line parsing. For client API
+ uses, you should use the ``loadlist`` command instead.
+ The property refuses setting out of range values, restarts playback
+ immediately when writing to it, and does not know the ``no`` value (which
+ the option uses to indicate the default state, that is resuming a file
+ on the playlist and jumping to that instead of entry 0).
``audio-file``, ``sub-file``, ``external-file``
These options/properties are actually lists of filenames. To make the
command-line interface easier, each ``--audio-file=...`` option appends