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vo_opengl: support embedded ICC profiles
This currently only works when using lcms-based color management (--icc-profile-*). In principle, we could also support using lcms even when the user has not specified an ICC profile, by generating the profile against a fixed reference (--target-prim/--target-trc) instead. I still might do that some day, simply because 3dlut provides a higher quality conversion than our simple gamut mapping does for stuff like BT.2020, and also because it's now needed to enable embedded ICC profiles. But that would be a separate change, so preserve the status quo for now. (Besides, my opinion is still that you should be using an ICC profile if you care about colors being accurate _at all_)
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@@ -4851,6 +4851,12 @@ The following video options are currently all specific to ``--vo=opengl`` and
The default of 2.0 is somewhat conservative and will mostly just apply to
skies or directly sunlit surfaces. A setting of 0.0 disables this option.
+ Load the embedded ICC profile contained in media files such as PNG images.
+ (Default: yes). Note that this option only works when also using a display
+ ICC profile (``--icc-profile`` or ``--icc-profile-auto``), and also
+ requires LittleCMS 2 support.
Load an ICC profile and use it to transform video RGB to screen output.
Needs LittleCMS 2 support compiled in. This option overrides the