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@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@ Command Line Switches
``-af volnorm`` ``--af=drc`` (renamed)
``-zoom`` Inverse available as ``--video-unscaled``
``-panscanrange`` ``--video-zoom``, ``--video-pan-x/y``
- ``-pp`` ``-vf=pp``
+ ``-pp`` ``'--vf=[pp]'``
``-pphelp`` ``--vf=pp:help``
=========================== ========================================
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@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@ Available filters are:
Format name, e.g. rgb15, bgr24, 420p, etc. (default: 420p).
Enables the specified chain of postprocessing subfilters. Subfilters must
be separated by '/' and can be disabled by prepending a '-'. Each
subfilter and some options have a short and a long name that can be used
@@ -261,6 +261,11 @@ Available filters are:
``--vf=pp:help`` shows a list of available subfilters.
+ .. note::
+ Unlike in MPlayer or in earlier versions, you must quote the pp string
+ if it contains ``:`` characters, e.g. ``'--vf=pp=[...]'``.
Available subfilters are:
@@ -373,10 +378,10 @@ Available filters are:
default filters without brightness/contrast correction
- ``--vf=pp=default/tmpnoise:1:2:3``
+ ``--vf=pp=[default/tmpnoise:1:2:3]``
Enable default filters & temporal denoiser.
- ``--vf=pp=hb:y/vb:a``
+ ``--vf=pp=[hb:y/vb:a]``
Horizontal deblocking on luminance only, and switch vertical
deblocking on or off automatically depending on available CPU time.