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m_property: add a way to switch on property values in property expansion
Allows for example: --status-msg='${?pause==yes:(Paused) } ...' to emulate the normal terminal status line. It's useful in other situations too. I'm a bit worried about extending this mini-DSL, and sure hope nobody will implement a generic formula evaluator at some point in the future. But for now we're probably safe.
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@@ -509,15 +509,27 @@ The following expansions are supported:
fails, expand to an error string. (Use ``${NAME:}`` with a trailing
``:`` to expand to an empty string instead.)
If ``NAME`` is prefixed with ``=``, expand to the raw value of the property
- (see below).
+ (see section below).
Expands to the value of the property ``NAME``, or ``STR`` if the
property cannot be retrieved. ``STR`` is expanded recursively.
+ Expands to ``STR`` (recursively) if the property ``NAME`` is available.
Expands to ``STR`` (recursively) if the property ``NAME`` cannot be
- Expands to ``STR`` (recursively) if the property ``NAME`` is available.
+ Expands to ``STR`` (recursively) if the property ``NAME`` expands to a
+ string equal to ``VALUE``. You can prefix ``NAME`` with ``=`` in order to
+ compare the raw value of a property (see section below). If the property
+ is unavailable, or other errors happen when retrieving it, the value is
+ never considered equal.
+ Note that ``VALUE`` can't contain any of the characters ``:`` or ``}``.
+ Also, it is possible that escaping with ``"`` or ``%`` might be added in
+ the future, should the need arise.
+ Same as with the ``?`` variant, but ``STR`` is expanded if the value is
+ not equal. (Using the same semantics as with ``?``.)
Expands to ``$``.