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player: add --cache-pause-initial option to start in buffering state
Reasons why you'd want this see manpage additions. Disabled by default, because it would increase latency of live streams by default. (Or well, at least it would be another problem when trying getting lower latency.)
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ends before that for some other reason (like file end), playback resumes
+ Enter "buffering" mode before starting playback (default: no). This can be
+ used to ensure playback starts smoothly, in exchange for waiting some time
+ to prefetch network data (as controlled by ``--cache-pause-wait``). For
+ example, some common behavior is that playback starts, but network caches
+ immediately underrun when trying to decode more data as playback progresses.
+ Another thing that can happen is that the network prefetching is so CPU
+ demanding (due to demuxing in the background) that playback drops frames
+ at first. In these cases, it helps enabling this option, and setting
+ ``--cache-secs`` and ``--cache-pause-wait`` to roughly the same value.
+ This option also triggers when playback is restarted after seeking.