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DOCS/interface-changes.rst: don't suggest @deinterlace label
--vf-defaults always applies, and the label is ignored. So don't suggest using it, it would be misleading.
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@@ -53,8 +53,8 @@ Interface changes
filter, which is probably not what you want. For toggling a deinterlace
filter manually, use the "vf toggle" command, and do not set the
deinterlace option/property. To customize the filter that will be
- inserted automatically, use the "@deinterlace" filter label with
- --vf-defaults. Details how this works will probably change in the future.
+ inserted automatically, use --vf-defaults. Details how this works will
+ probably change in the future.
- remove deinterlace=auto (this was not deprecated, but had only a very
obscure use that stopped working with the change above. It was also
prone to be confused with a feature not implemented by it: auto did _not_