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options: support chapters for --start and --end
The --start and --end switch now accept a chapter number. The chapter number is prefixed with '#', e.g. "--start=#2" jumps to chapter 2. The chapter support might be able to replace --chapter completely, but for now I am not sure how well this works out with e.g. DVDs and BDs, and a separate --chapter option is useful interface-wise. (This was supposed to be added in 51503a, but apparently the fixup commit adding it was lost in a rebase. This might also be the reason for the mess-up fixed in 394285.)
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The general format for absolute times is ``[[hh:]mm:]ss[.ms]``. If the time
is negated with ``-``, the seek is relative from the end of the file.
- It's also possible to seek to a percent position with ``pp%``.
+ ``pp%`` seeks to percent position pp (0-100).
+ ``#c`` seeks to chapter number c. (Chapters start from 1.)
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``--start=-3:20 --length=10``
Seeks to 3 minutes and 20 seconds before the end of the file, plays
10 seconds, and exits.
+ ``--start=#2 --end=#4``
+ Plays chapters 2 and 3, and exits.
Specifies software scaler parameters.