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core: add --force-window
This commit adds the --force-window option, which will cause mpv always to create a window when started. This can be useful when pretending that mpv is a GUI application (which it isn't, but users pretend anyway), and playing audio files would run mpv in the background without giving a window to control it. This doesn't actually create the window immediately: it only does so only after initializing playback and when it is clear that there won't be any actual video. This could be a problem when starting slow or completely stuck network streams (mpv would remain frozen in the background), or if video initialization somehow is stuck forever in an in-between state (like when the decoder doesn't output a video frame, but doesn't return an error either). Well, we can pretend only so much that mpv is a GUI application.
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depending on GPU drivers and hardware. For other VOs, this just makes
rendering slower.
+ Create a video output window even if there is no video. This can be useful
+ when pretending that mpv is a GUI application. Currently, the window
+ always has the size 640x480, and is subject to ``--geometry``,
+ ``--autofit``, and similar options.
+ .. warning::
+ The window is created only after initialization (to make sure default
+ window placement still works if the video size is different from the
+ ``--force-window`` default window size). This can be a problem if
+ initialization doesn't work perfectly, such as when opening URLs with
+ bad network connection, or opening broken video files.
Forcefully move mpv's video output window to default location whenever
there is a change in video parameters, video stream or file. This used to