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drm/atomic: refactor planes names
We are currently using primary / overlay planes drm objects, assuming that primary plane is osd and overlay plane is video. This commit is doing two things : - replace the primary / overlay planes members with osd and video planes member without the assumption - Add two more options to determine which one of the primary / overlay is associated to osd / video. - It will default osd to overlay and video to primary if unspecified
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@@ -488,6 +488,20 @@ Available video output drivers are:
Mode ID to use (resolution and frame rate).
(default: 0)
+ ``--drm-osd-plane-id=<number>``
+ Select the DRM planed index to use for OSD (or OSD and video).
+ Index is zero based, and related to crtc.
+ When using this option with drm_prime renderer, it will only affect
+ the OSD contents. Otherwise it will set OSD & video plane.
+ (default: primary plane)
+ ``--drm-video-plane-id=<number>``
+ Select the DRM planed index to use for video layer.
+ Index is zero based, and related to crtc.
+ This option only has effect when using the drm_prime renderer (which
+ supports several layers) together with ``vo=gpu`` and ``gpu-context=drm``.
+ (default: first overlay plane)
Select the DRM format to use (default: xrgb8888). This allows you to
choose the bit depth of the DRM mode. xrgb8888 is your usual 24 bit per