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@@ -1410,18 +1410,6 @@ Audio
if you want to force a different audio profile (e.g. with PulseAudio),
or to set your own application name when using libmpv.
- Used internally for use by playback resume (e.g. with ``quit-watch-later``).
- Restoring value has to be done carefully, because different AOs as well as
- softvol can have different value ranges, and we don't want to restore
- volume if setting the volume changes it system wide. The normal options
- (like ``--volume``) would always set the volume. This option was added for
- restoring volume in a safer way (by storing the method used to set the
- volume), and is not generally useful. Its semantics are considered private
- to mpv.
- Do not use.
Set the audio output minimum buffer. The audio device might actually create
a larger buffer if it pleases. If the device creates a smaller buffer,