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cocoa: add glFlush() to cocoa backend
The glFlush() call was made optional recently since it's not needed in most cases. On OSX though this is needed since we removed kCGLPFADoubleBuffer from the context creation, so the glFlush() call was added to the cocoa backend only. The CGLFlushDrawable() call can be safely removed since it only does something when a double buffered context is used. Also fixes a small typo. Fixes #3627.
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@@ -4593,7 +4593,7 @@ The following video options are currently all specific to ``--vo=opengl`` and
Call ``glFlush()`` after rendering a frame and before attempting to display
- it (default: no). Can fix stuttering in some causes, in other cases probably
+ it (default: no). Can fix stuttering in some cases, in other cases probably
causes it. For testing - could be removed any time.