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commands: use "up" and "down" as 2nd argument for cycle command
Allow the values "up" and "down" as step argument for the cycle input command. Previously, this argument was a float, which specified an arbitrary step value and direction (similar to the add command). Instead of "1" and "-1", "up" and "down" is to be used. Float values are still accepted. That capability might be removed in the future, as there's probably hardly any actual use for arbitrary step values.
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@@ -79,10 +79,10 @@ add <property> [<value>]
Add the given value to the property. On overflow or underflow, clamp the
property to the maximum. If <value> is omitted, assume ``1``.
-cycle <property> [<value>]
- Cycle the given property. Negative values cycle the property backwards. On
+cycle <property> [up|down]
+ Cycle the given property. ``up`` and ``down`` set the cycle direction. On
overflow, set the property back to the minimum, on underflow set it to the
- maximum. If <value> is omitted, assume ``1``.
+ maximum. If ``up`` or ``down`` is omitted, assume ``up``.
speed_mult <value>
Multiply the ``speed`` property by the given value.