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vo_gpu: fix gamma scale
This never really made sense since the BT.1886 changes. It should get *brighter* for bright rooms, not darker for dark rooms. Picked some new values that seemed reasonable-ish.
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@@ -4649,22 +4649,22 @@ The following video options are currently all specific to ``--vo=gpu`` and
Recommended values based on the environmental brightness:
- Brightly illuminated (default)
- 0.9
- Slightly dim
- 0.8
- Pitch black room
+ Pitch black or dimly lit room (default)
+ 1.1
+ Moderately lit room, home
+ 1.2
+ Brightly illuminated room, office
- NOTE: Typical movie content (Blu-ray etc.) already contains a gamma drop of
- about 0.8, so specifying it here as well will result in even darker
- image than intended!
+ NOTE: This is based around the assumptions of typical movie content, which
+ contains an implicit end-to-end of about 0.8 from scene to display. For
+ bright environments it can be useful to cancel that out.
Automatically corrects the gamma value depending on ambient lighting
- conditions (adding a gamma boost for dark rooms).
+ conditions (adding a gamma boost for bright rooms).
- With ambient illuminance of 64lux, mpv will pick the 1.0 gamma value (no
- boost), and slightly increase the boost up until 0.8 for 16lux.
+ With ambient illuminance of 16 lux, mpv will pick the 1.0 gamma value (no
+ boost), and slightly increase the boost up until 1.2 for 256 lux.
NOTE: Only implemented on OS X.