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core: simplify OSD capability handling, remove VFCAP_OSD
VFCAP_OSD was used to determine at runtime whether the VO supports OSD rendering. This was mostly unused. vo_direct3d had an option to disable OSD (was supposed to allow to force auto-insertion of vf_ass, but we removed that anyway). vo_opengl_old could disable OSD rendering when a very old OpenGL version was detected, and had an option to explicitly disable it as well. Remove VFCAP_OSD from everything (and some associated logic). Now the vo_driver.draw_osd callback can be set to NULL to indicate missing OSD support (important so that vo_null etc. don't single-step on OSD redraw), and if OSD support depends on runtime support, the VO's draw_osd should just do nothing if OSD is not available. Also, do not access vo->want_redraw directly. Change the want_redraw reset logic for this purpose, too. (Probably unneeded, vo_flip_page resets it already.)
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@@ -171,11 +171,6 @@ direct3d_shaders (Windows only)
Never render YUV video with more than 8 bits per component.
(Using this flag will force software conversion to 8 bit.)
- disable-osd
- Disable OSD rendering for subtitles.
- (Using this flag might force the insertion of the 'ass' video filter,
- which will render the subtitles in software.)
Normally texture sizes are always aligned to 16. With this option
enabled, the video texture will always have exactly the same size as
@@ -628,11 +623,6 @@ opengl-old
setting has no effect, the size of the slices as provided by the
decoder is used. If the decoder does not use slice rendering, the
default is 16.
- (no-)osd
- Enable or disable support for OSD rendering via OpenGL (default:
- enabled). This option is for testing; to disable the OSD use
- ``--osd-level=0`` instead.
Continue even if a software renderer is detected.