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manpage: add initial documentation about changes
Documents changes from mplayer-svn and mplayer2. Most of this should probably not be in the manpage, but on a website. But there is no website yet.
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+.. _changes:
+xxx: since I don't have a new name yet, I'm referring to this version of mplayer
+as **mplayer3**, I don't intend to use that name.
+**mplayer3** is based on mplayer2, which in turn is based on the original
+MPlayer (also called mplayer, mplayer-svn, mplayer1). Many changes
+have been made. Some changes are incompatible, or completely change how the
+player behaves.
+General changes for mplayer-svn to mplayer2
+* Removal of the internal GUI, MEncoder, OSD menu
+* Better pause handling (don't unpause on a command)
+* Better MKV support (such as ordered chapters)
+* vo_vdpau improvements
+* Precise seeking support
+* No embedded copy of ffmpeg and other libraries
+* Native OpenGL backend for OSX
+* General OSX improvements
+* Improvements in audio/video sync handling
+* Cleaned up terminal output
+* Gapless audio support (``--gapless-audio``)
+* Improved responsiveness on user input
+* Support for modifier keys (alt, shift, ctrl) in input.conf
+* OSS4 volume control
+* More correct color reproduction (color matrix generation)
+* Use libass for subtitle rendering by default (better quality)
+* Generally preferring ffmpeg/libav over internal demuxers and decoders
+* Improvements when playing multiple files (``--fixed-vo``)
+* Screenshot improvements (instant screenshots without 1-frame delay)
+* Improved support for PulseAudio
+* General code cleanups
+* Many more changes
+General changes for mplayer2 to mplayer3
+* Removal of lots of unneeded code to encourage developer activity (less
+ obscure scary zombie code that kills any desire for hacking the codebase)
+* Removal of dust and dead bodies (code-wise), such as kernel drivers for
+ decades old hardware
+* Removal of support for dead platforms
+* Generally improved MS Windows support (dealing with unicode filenames,
+ improved ``vo_direct3d``, improve window handling)
+* Better OSD rendering (using libass). This has full unicode support, and
+ languages like Arabic should be better supported.
+* Cleaned up terminal output (nicer status line, less useless noise)
+* Support for playing URLs of popular streaming sites directly
+ (e.g. ``mplayer3``)
+* Improved OpenGL output (``vo_gl3``)
+* Make ``--softvol`` default (**mplayer3** is not a mixer control panel)
+* Improved support for .cue files
+* Screenshot improvements (can save screenshots as JPG, configfurable filenames)
+* Removal of teletext support
+* Replace image VOs (``vo_jpeg`` etc.) with ``vo_image``
+* Remove ``vo_gif89a``, ``vo_md5sum``, ``vo_yuv4mpeg`` (the plan is to merge
+ divverent's encoding branch, which provides support for all of these)
+* Do not lose settings when playing a new file in the same player instance
+* New location for config files, new name for the binary. (Planned change.)
+* Slave mode compatibility broken (see below)
+* General code cleanups
+* Many more changes
+Detailed listing of user-visible changes
+This listing is about changed command line switches, slave commands, and similar
+things. Completely removed features are not listed.
+Command line switches
+* There is a new command line syntax, which is generally preferred over the old
+ syntax. ``-optname optvalue`` becomes ``--optname=optvalue``.
+ The old syntax will not be removed in the near future. However, the new
+ syntax is mentioned in all documentation and so on, so it's a good thing to
+ know about this change.
+ (The new syntax was introduced in mplayer2.)
+* In general, negating a switch like ``-noopt`` now has to be written as
+ ``-no-opt``, or better ``--no-opt``.
+* Per-file options are not the default anymore. You can explicitly specify
+ file local options. See ``Usage`` section.
+* Table of renamed switches:
+ =================================== ===================================
+ Old New
+ =================================== ===================================
+ -nosound --no-audio
+ =================================== ===================================
+input.conf and slave commands
+* Table of renamed slave commands:
+ =================================== ===================================
+ Old New
+ =================================== ===================================
+ pt_step 1 b playlist_next b
+ pt_step -1 b playlist_prev b
+ pt_clear playlist_clear
+ =================================== ===================================
+* The playtree has been removed. **mplayer3**'s internal playlist is a simple and
+ flat list now. This makes the code easier, and makes using it less confusing.
+* Slave mode is broken. This mode is entirely insane in the ``old`` versions of
+ mplayer. A proper slave mode application needed tons of code and hacks to get
+ it right. The main problem is that slave mode is a bad and incomplete
+ interface, and to get around that, applications parsed output messages
+ intended for users. It's hard to know just which messages are parsed by some
+ slave mode application, and as such it's virtually impossible to improve
+ terminal output intended for users without possibly breaking something.
+ This is absolutely insane, and **mplayer3** will not try to keep slave mode
+ compatible. If you're a developer of a slave mode application, contact us,
+ and a new and better protocol can be developed.
+Policy for removed features
+Features are a good thing, because they make users happy. As such, it is
+attempted to preserve useful features as far as possible. But if a feature is
+likely to be not used by many, and causes otherwise problems, it will be
+removed. Developers should not be burdened with fixing or cleaning up code that
+has no actual use.
+It's always possible to add back removed features. File a feature request if a
+feature you relied on was removed, and you want it back. Though it might be
+rejected in the worst case, it's much more likely that it will be either added
+back, or that a better solution will be implemented.
+Why this fork?
+* mplayer-svn wants to maintain old code, even if it's very bad code. It seems
+ mplayer2 was forked, because mplayer-svn developers refused to get rid of
+ all the cruft. The mplayer2 and mplayer-svn codebases also deviated enough to
+ make a reunification unlikely.
+* mplayer2 development is slow, and it's hard to get in changes. Details
+ withheld as to not turn this into a rant.
+* mplayer-svn rarely merged from mplayer2, and mplayer2 practically stopped
+ merging from mplayer-svn (not even code cleanups or new features are merged)
+* **mplayer3** intents to continuously merge from mplayer-svn and mplayer2, while
+ speeding up development. There is willingness for significant changes, even
+ if this means breaking compatibility.
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attempted. Using the ``screenshot`` video filter is not recommended for these
+.. include:: changes.rst