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sub: add demux_libass wrapper, drop old hacks
demux_libass.c allows us to make subtitle format detection part of the normal file loading process. libass has no probe function, but trying to load the start of a file (the first 4 KB) is good enough. Hope that libass can even handle random binary input gracefully without printing stupid log messages, and that the libass parser doesn't accept too many non-ASS files as input. This doesn't handle the -subcp option correctly yet. This will be fixed later.
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@@ -128,6 +128,7 @@ Command line switches
-dumpstream --stream-dump=<filename>
-capture --stream-capture=<filename>
-stop-xscreensaver --stop-screensaver
+ -subfile --sub
=================================== ===================================
*NOTE*: ``-opt val`` becomes ``--opt=val``.
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subtitles muxed with audio/video, or subtitles in the ASS format.
- Force subtitle demuxer type for ``--subfile``. Using a '+' before the name
- will force it, this will skip some checks! Give the demuxer name as
+ Force subtitle demuxer type for ``--sub``. Give the demuxer name as
printed by ``--sub-demuxer=help``.
@@ -2046,14 +2045,6 @@
Delays subtitles by <sec> seconds. Can be negative.
- Open the given file with a demuxer, and use its subtitle streams. Same as
- ``--audiofile``, but for subtitle streams.
- *NOTE*: use ``--sub`` for subtitle files. This option is useless, unless
- you want to force libavformat subtitle parsers instead of libass or
- internal subtitle parsers.
Specify the framerate of the subtitle file (default: movie fps).