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@@ -267,6 +267,26 @@ Playback Control
Note that ``--playlist`` always loads all entries, so you use that instead
if you really have the need for this functionality.
+ Follow any references in the file being opened (default: yes). Disabling
+ this is helpful if the file is automatically scanned (e.g. thumbnail
+ generation). If the thumbnail scanner for example encounters a playlist
+ file, which contains network URLs, and the scanner should not open these,
+ enabling this option will prevent it. This option also disables ordered
+ chapters, mov reference files, opening of archives, and a number of other
+ features.
+ On older FFmpeg versions, this will not work in some cases. Some FFmpeg
+ demuxers might not respect this option.
+ This option does not prevent opening of paired subtitle files and such. Use
+ ``--autoload-files=no`` to prevent this.
+ This option does not always work if you open non-files (for example using
+ ``dvd://directory`` would open a whole bunch of files in the given
+ directory). Prefixing the filename with ``./`` if it doesn't start with
+ a ``/`` will avoid this.
Loop a single file N times. ``inf`` means forever, ``no`` means normal
playback. For compatibility, ``--loop-file`` and ``--loop-file=yes`` are