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manpage: hwdec_cuda: update docs to say 10bit hevc is supported
Now that ffmpeg bundles working headers, this no longer relies on a custom ffmpeg build with a hacked up header file.
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mechanism in the opengl output path. To use this deinterlacing you
must pass the option: ``vd-lavc-o=deint=[weave|bob|adaptive]``. Pass
``weave`` to not attempt any deinterlacing.
- 10bit HEVC is currently not supported but maybe we can add support
- after CUDA 8 is released (and it will be rounded down to 8 bits).
+ 10bit HEVC is available if the hardware supports it but it will be
+ rounded down to 8 bits.
``cuda-copy`` has the same behaviour as ``cuda`` - including the ability
to deinterlace inside the decoder. However, traditional deinterlacing