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manpage: fix incorrect option name for --record-file
Also the one in interface-changes.rst. Fixes #4121.
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@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ Interface changes
- "vo-drop-frame-count" to "frame-drop-count"
The old names still work, but are deprecated.
- remove the --stream-capture option and property. No replacement.
- (--stream-record might serve as alternative)
+ (--record-file might serve as alternative)
- add --sub-justify
- add --sub-ass-justify
- internally there's a different way to enable the demuxer cache now
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@@ -4863,7 +4863,7 @@ Miscellaneous
This does not affect playlist expansion, redirection, or other loading of
referenced files like with ordered chapters.
Record the current stream to the given target file. The target file will
always be overwritten without asking.