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remove Apple Remote related code
The OSX part of the Apple Remote was unmaintained for a long time and was not working anymore. I tried to update the cookies to what the current versions of OS X expect without much luck. I decided to remove it since Apple is not including the IR receiver anymore in new hardware and it's clear that wifi based remotes are the way to go. A third party iOS app should be used in it's place. In the future we could look into having a dedicated iOS Remote Control app like VLC and XBMC do. The Linux side (`appleir.c`) was relatively tidy but it looks like LIRC can be configured to work with any version of Apple Remote [1] and is more maintained. [1] LIRC Apple Remote configs:
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configuration files specifying a list of fallbacks may make sense. See
`audio_outputs` for details and descriptions of available drivers.
---ar, --no-ar
- Enable/disable AppleIR remote support. Enabled by default.
Override movie aspect ratio, in case aspect information is incorrect or
missing in the file being played. See also ``--no-aspect``.