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audio: change how spdif codecs are selected
Remove ad_spdif from the normal codec list, and select it explicitly. One goal was to decouple this from the normal codec selection, so they're less entangled and the decoder selection code can be simplified in the far future. This means spdif codec selection is now done explicitly via select_spdif_codec(). We can also remove the weird requirements on "dts" and "dts-hd" for the --audio-spdif option, and it can just do the right thing. Now both video and audio codecs consist of a single codec family each, vd_lavc and ad_lavc.
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@@ -43,6 +43,8 @@ Interface changes
- --sub-codepage=<codepage> does not force the codepage anymore
(this requires different and new syntax)
- remove --fs-black-out-screens option for macOS
+ - change how spdif codecs are selected. You can't enable spdif passthrough
+ with --ad anymore. This was deprecated; use --audio-spdif instead.
--- mpv 0.22.0 ---
- the "audio-device-list" property now sets empty device description to the
device name as a fallback
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@@ -1121,11 +1121,10 @@ Audio
Possible codecs are ``ac3``, ``dts``, ``dts-hd``. Multiple codecs can be
specified by separating them with ``,``. ``dts`` refers to low bitrate DTS
core, while ``dts-hd`` refers to DTS MA (receiver and OS support varies).
- You should only use either ``dts`` or ``dts-hd`` (if both are specified,
- and ``dts`` comes first, only ``dts`` will be used).
+ If both ``dts`` and ``dts-hd`` are specified, it behaves equivalent to
+ specifying ``dts-hd`` only.
- In general, all codecs in the ``spdif`` family listed with ``--ad=help``
- are supported in theory.
+ In earlier mpv versions
.. admonition:: Warning