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video: refactor HDR implementation
List of changes: 1. Kill nom_peak, since it's a pointless non-field that stores nothing of value and is _always_ derived from ref_white anyway. 2. Kill ref_white/--target-brightness, because the only case it really existed for (PQ) actually doesn't need to be this general: According to ITU-R BT.2100, PQ *always* assumes a reference monitor with a white point of 100 cd/m². 3. Improve documentation and comments surrounding this stuff. 4. Clean up some of the code in general. Move stuff where it belongs.
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@@ -29,6 +29,10 @@ Interface changes
`--sub-ass-override=signfs` setting to `--sub-ass-override=scale`.
- change default of --video-aspect-method to "bitstream". The "hybrid"
method (old default) is deprecated.
+ - remove property "video-params/nom-peak"
+ - remove option --target-brightness
+ - replace vf_format's `peak` suboption by `sig-peak`, which is relative to
+ the reference white level instead of in cd/m^2
--- mpv 0.25.0 ---
- remove opengl-cb dxva2 dummy hwdec interop
(see git "vo_opengl: remove dxva2 dummy hwdec backend")
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@@ -1456,9 +1456,6 @@ Property list
The gamma function in use as string. (Exact values subject to change.)
- ``video-params/nom-peak``
- The video encoding's nominal peak brightness as float.
The video file's tagged signal peak as float.
@@ -1489,7 +1486,6 @@ Property list
"colorlevels" MPV_FORMAT_STRING
- "nom-peak" MPV_FORMAT_DOUBLE
"chroma-location" MPV_FORMAT_STRING
"rotate" MPV_FORMAT_INT64
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@@ -4634,13 +4634,6 @@ The following video options are currently all specific to ``--vo=opengl`` and
The user should independently guarantee this before using these signal
formats for display.
- Specifies the display's approximate brightness in cd/m^2. When playing HDR
- content on a SDR display (or SDR content on an HDR display), video colors
- will be tone mapped to this target brightness using the algorithm specified
- by ``--hdr-tone-mapping``. The default of 250 cd/m^2 corresponds to a
- typical consumer display.
Specifies the algorithm used for tone-mapping HDR images onto the target
display. Valid values are:
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@@ -367,13 +367,14 @@ Available mpv-only filters are:
:std-b67: ARIB STD-B67 (Hybrid Log-gamma) curve
:v-log: Panasonic V-Log transfer curve
- ``<peak>``
- Reference peak illumination for the video file. This is mostly
- interesting for HDR, but it can also be used tone map SDR content
- to a darker or brighter exposure.
- The default of 0.0 will default to the display's reference brightness
- for SDR and the source's reference brightness for HDR.
+ ``<sig-peak>``
+ Reference peak illumination for the video file, relative to the
+ signal's reference white level. This is mostly interesting for HDR, but
+ it can also be used tone map SDR content to simulate a different
+ exposure. Normally inferred from tags such as MaxCLL or mastering
+ metadata.
+ The default of 0.0 will default to the source's nominal peak luminance.
Set the stereo mode the video is assumed to be encoded in. Takes the