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command: add a property to signal whether networking is used
Requested. The property semantics are a bit muddy due to lack of effort. Anticipated use is different display of cache status, so it should not matter anyway.
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@@ -1224,6 +1224,14 @@ Property list
Returns ``yes`` if the demuxer is idle, which means the demuxer cache is
filled to the requested amount, and is currently not reading more data.
+ Returns ``yes`` if the stream demuxed via the main demuxer is most likely
+ played via network. What constitutes "network" is not always clear, might
+ be used for other types of untrusted streams, could be wrong in certain
+ cases, and its definition might be changing. Also, external files (like
+ separate audio files or streams) do not influence the value of this
+ property (currently).
Returns ``yes`` when playback is paused because of waiting for the cache.