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command: add all options to property->option bridge
Before this, options with co->data==NULL (i.e. no storage) were not added to the bridge (except alias options). There are a few options which might make sense to allow via the bridge ("profile" and "include"). So allow them. In command_init(), we merely remove the co->data check, the rest of the diff is due to switching the if/else branches for convenience. We also must explicitly error on M_PROPERTY_GET if co->data==NULL. All other cases check it in some way. Explicitly exclude options from the property bridge, which would be added due this, and the result would be pointless.
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@@ -2210,6 +2210,14 @@ caveats with some properties (due to historical reasons):
These properties behave different from the deprecated options with the same
+``profile``, ``include``
+ These are write-only, and will perform actions as they are written to,
+ exactly as if they were used on the mpv CLI commandline. Their only use is
+ when using libmpv before ``mpv_initialize()``, which in turn is probably
+ only useful in encoding mode. Normal libmpv users should use other
+ mechanisms, such as the ``apply-profile`` command, and the
+ ``mpv_load_config_file`` API function. Avoid these properties.
Property Expansion