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@@ -64,17 +64,6 @@ Track Selection
streamed with youtube-dl, because it saves bandwidth. This is done by
setting the ytdl_format to "bestaudio/best" in the ytdl_hook.lua script.
-``--ff-aid=<ID|auto|no>``, ``--ff-sid=<ID|auto|no>``, ``--ff-vid=<ID|auto|no>``
- Select audio/subtitle/video streams by the FFmpeg stream index. The FFmpeg
- stream index is relatively arbitrary, but useful when interacting with
- other software using FFmpeg (consider ``ffprobe``).
- Note that with external tracks (added with ``--sub-files`` and similar
- options), there will be streams with duplicate IDs. In this case, the
- first stream in order is selected.
- Deprecated.
(Matroska files only)
Specify the edition (set of chapters) to use, where 0 is the first. If set
@@ -899,19 +888,6 @@ Video
older hardware. d3d11va can always use ``yuv420p``, which uses an opaque
format, with likely no advantages.
- Set the internal pixel format used by ``--hwdec=videotoolbox`` on OSX. The
- choice of the format can influence performance considerably. On the other
- hand, there doesn't appear to be a good way to detect the best format for
- the given hardware. ``nv12``, the default, works better on modern hardware,
- while ``uyvy422`` appears to be better for old hardware. ``yuv420p`` also
- works.
- Since mpv 0.25.0, ``no`` is an accepted value, which lets the decoder pick
- the format on newer FFmpeg versions (will use ``nv12`` on older versions).
- Deprecated. Use ``--hwdec-image-format`` if you really need this. If both
- are specified, ``--hwdec-image-format`` wins.
Choose the GPU device used for decoding when using the ``cuda`` hwdec.