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vo_opengl, cocoa: allow to autoselect a color profile
This commit adds support for automatic selection of color profiles based on the display where mpv is initialized, and automatically changes the color profile when display is changed or the profile itself is changed from System Preferences. @UliZappe was responsible with the testing and implementation of a lot of this commit, including the original implementation of `cocoa_get_icc_profile_path` (See #594). Fixes #594
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@@ -449,6 +449,13 @@ Available video output drivers are:
property, as using both is somewhat redundant. It also enables linear
light scaling.
+ ``icc-profile-auto``
+ Automatically select the ICC display profile currently specified by
+ the display settings of the operating system.
+ NOTE: Only implemented on OS X with Cocoa.
Store and load the 3D LUT created from the ICC profile in this file.
This can be used to speed up loading, since LittleCMS2 can take a while