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Remove --rootwin option and rootwin property
You can just use --wid=0 if you really want this. This only worked/works for X11, and even then it might interact badly with most desktop environments. All the option did was setting --wid to 0, and the property did nothing.
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@@ -297,7 +297,6 @@ colormatrix x see ``--colormatrix``
colormatrix-input-range x see ``--colormatrix-input-range``
colormatrix-output-range x see ``--colormatrix-output-range``
ontop x see ``--ontop``
-rootwin x see ``--rootwin``
border x see ``--border``
framedrop x see ``--framedrop``
gamma x see ``--gamma``
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(udp:// only)
Allows a socket to be reused by other processes as soon as it is closed.
- Play movie in the root window (desktop background). Desktop background
- images may cover the movie window, though. May not work with all video
- output drivers.
Adjust the saturation of the video signal (default: 0). You can get
grayscale output with this option. Not supported by all video output