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manpage: remove obsolete information on bd://
ISO files have been supported by bd:// for a while.
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``bd://[title][/device]`` ``--bluray-device=PATH``
- Play a Blu-ray disc. Currently, this does not accept ISO files. Instead,
- you must mount the ISO file as filesystem, and point ``--bluray-device``
- to the mounted directory directly.
+ Play a Blu-ray disc. Since libbluray 1.0.1, you can read from ISO files
+ by passing them to ``--bluray-device``.
``title`` can be: ``longest`` or ``first`` (selects the default
playlist); ``mpls/<number>`` (selects <number>.mpls playlist);
@@ -750,7 +749,7 @@ PROTOCOLS
Play a DVD using the old libdvdread code. This is what MPlayer and
- older mpv versions use for ``dvd://``. Use is discouraged. It's
+ older mpv versions used for ``dvd://``. Use is discouraged. It's
provided only for compatibility and for transition, and to work
around outstanding dvdnav bugs (see "DVD library choices" above).