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vo_opengl: also expose NAME_mul for user shaders
This is exposed so that bjin/mpv-prescalers can use textureGatherOffset for performance. Since there are now quite a lot of parameters where it isn't quite clear why they're all defined, add a paragraph to the man page that explains them a bit.
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to texture coordinates)
vec2 NAME_pt
The (unrotated) size of a single pixel, range [0,1].
+ float NAME_mul
+ The coefficient that needs to be multiplied into the texture contents
+ in order to normalize it to the range [0,1].
sampler NAME_raw
The raw bound texture itself. The use of this should be avoided unless
absolutely necessary.
+ Normally, users should use either NAME_tex or NAME_texOff to read from the
+ texture. For some shaders however , it can be better for performance to do
+ custom sampling from NAME_raw, in which case care needs to be taken to
+ respect NAME_mul and NAME_rot.
In addition to these parameters, the following uniforms are also globally