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manpage: remove two stray video fitler deprecation notes
vf_stereo3d now uses vf_lavfi, if mpv was compiled with libavfilter. vf_swapuv is hereby undeprecated. It's too trivial to wrap it with libavfilter, and it's also too useless that even typing this commit message is not really worth the time to spend on it.
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@@ -532,11 +532,6 @@ Available filters are:
Swap U & V plane.
- .. note::
- Deprecated. Use libavfilter's ``swapuv`` filter through ``--vf=lavfi``
- instead.
Pulldown reversal (inverse telecine) filter, capable of handling mixed
hard-telecine, 24000/1001 fps progressive, and 30000/1001 fps progressive
@@ -821,11 +816,6 @@ Available filters are:
``mr`` or ``mono_right``
mono output (right eye only)
- .. note::
- Deprecated. Use libavfilter's ``stereo3d`` filter through ``--vf=lavfi``
- instead.
Fix the banding artifacts that are sometimes introduced into nearly flat
regions by truncation to 8bit color depth. Interpolates the gradients that