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mplayer: don't run heartbeat command while paused
This is commonly used to disable the screensaver with broken/non- standard X screensavers. During pause, the screensaver should not be disabled, so not calling this command while paused seems sensible. See github issue #236.
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Command that is executed every 30 seconds during playback via *system()* -
i.e. using the shell. The time between the commands can be customized with
- the ``--heartbeat-interval`` option.
+ the ``--heartbeat-interval`` option. The command is not run while playback
+ is paused.
.. note::
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This can be "misused" to disable screensavers that do not support the
proper X API (see also ``--stop-screensaver``). If you think this is too
complicated, ask the author of the screensaver program to support the
- proper X APIs.
+ proper X APIs. Note that the ``--stop-screensaver`` does not influence the
+ heartbeat code at all.
.. admonition:: Example for xscreensaver