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cocoa: fullscreen refactoring
this replaces the old fullscreen with the native macOS fullscreen. additional the --fs-black-out-screens was removed since the new API doesn't support it in a way the old one did. it can possibly be re-added if done manually. Fixes #2857 #3272 #1352 #2062 #3864
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@@ -42,6 +42,7 @@ Interface changes
been compiled-in)
- --sub-codepage=<codepage> does not force the codepage anymore
(this requires different and new syntax)
+ - remove --fs-black-out-screens option for macOS
--- mpv 0.22.0 ---
- the "audio-device-list" property now sets empty device description to the
device name as a fallback
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@@ -2026,10 +2026,6 @@ Window
See also ``--screen``.
- OS X only. Black out other displays when going fullscreen.
Do not terminate when playing or seeking beyond the end of the file, and
there is not next file to be played (and ``--loop`` is not used).