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x11: pseudo HiDPI scaling
Scale the window by the assumed DPI scaling factor, using 96 DPI as base. For example, a screen that reports 192 DPI is assumed to have a DPI scale factor 2. The window will then be created with twice the size. For robustness reasons, we accept only integer DPI scales between 1 and 9. We also error out if the X and Y scales are very different, as this most likely indicates a multiscreen system with botched size reporting. I'm not sure if reading the X server's DPI is such a good idea - maybe the Xrdb "Xft.dpi" value should be used instead. The current method follows what xdpyinfo does. This can be disabled with --hidpi-window-scale=no.
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- ``--monitoraspect=16:9`` or ``--monitoraspect=1.7777``
``--hidpi-window-scale``, ``--no-hidpi-window-scale``
- (OS X only)
+ (OS X and X11 only)
Scale the window size according to the backing scale factor (default: yes).
On regular HiDPI resolutions the window opens with double the size but appears
as having the same size as on none-HiDPI resolutions. This is the default OS X