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player: do not let pseudo-gui override user config settings
Seems like this confused users quite often. Instead of --profile=pseudo-gui, --player-operation-mode=pseudo-gui now has to be used to invoke pseudo GUI mode. The old way still works, and still behaves in the old way.
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@@ -736,10 +736,13 @@ Currently this happens only in the following cases:
or file associations provided by desktop environments)
- if started from explorer.exe on Windows (technically, if it was started on
Windows, and all of the stdout/stderr/stdin handles are unset)
-- manually adding ``--profile=pseudo-gui`` to the command line
+- started out of the bundle on OSX
+- you can add ``--profile=pseudo-gui`` to the command line, but it will behave
+ subtly differently (since mpv 0.22.0)
-This mode implicitly adds ``--profile=pseudo-gui`` to the command line, with
-the ``pseudo-gui`` profile being predefined with the following contents:
+This mode implicitly performs the same action as ``--profile=pseudo-gui``, but
+roughly before config files are loaded and the command line is applied. The
+``pseudo-gui`` profile is predefined with the following contents:
@@ -749,11 +752,12 @@ the ``pseudo-gui`` profile being predefined with the following contents:
-This follows the mpv config file format. To customize pseudo-GUI mode, you can
-put your own ``pseudo-gui`` profile into your ``mpv.conf``. This profile will
-enhance the default profile, rather than overwrite it.
+.. warning::
-The profile always overrides other settings in ``mpv.conf``.
+ Currently, you can extend the ``pseudo-gui`` profile in the config file the
+ normal way. This is deprecated. In future mpv releases, the behavior might
+ change, and not apply your additional settings, and/or use a different
+ profile name.
.. include:: options.rst
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@@ -521,6 +521,12 @@ Program Behavior
+ For enabling "pseudo GUI mode", which means that the defaults for some
+ options are changed. This option should not normally be used directly, but
+ only by mpv internally, or mpv-provided scripts, config files, or .desktop
+ files.