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options, subs: add --ass-vsfilter-aspect-compat
Add option --ass-vsfilter-aspect-compat and corresponding property ass_vsfilter_aspect_compat. The setting controls whether to enable the emulation of traditional VSFilter behavior where subtitles are stretched if the video is anamorphic (previously always enabled for native SSA/ASS subtitles). Enabled by default. Add 'V' as a new default keybinding to toggle the property.
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@@ -251,6 +251,9 @@ Toggle displaying "forced subtitles".
Toggle subtitle alignment: top / middle / bottom.
.IPs "x and z"
Adjust subtitle delay by +/\- 0.1 seconds.
+.IPs "V\ \ \ \ "
+Toggle subtitle VSFilter aspect compatibility mode.
+See -ass\-vsfilter\-aspect\-compat for more info.
.IPs "C (\-capture only)"
Start/stop capturing the primary stream.
.IPs "r and t"
@@ -2226,6 +2229,25 @@ Enables placing toptitles and subtitles in black borders when they
are available.
+.B \-ass\-vsfilter\-aspect\-compat
+Stretch SSA/ASS subtitles when playing anamorphic videos for compatibility
+with traditional VSFilter behavior.
+This switch has no effect when the video is stored with square pixels.
+.sp 1
+The renderer historically most commonly used for the SSA/ASS subtitle formats,
+VSFilter, had questionable behavior that resulted in subtitles being
+stretched too if the video was stored in anamorphic format that required
+scaling for display.
+This behavior is usually undesirable and newer VSFilter versions may
+behave differently.
+However, many existing scripts compensate for the stretching by modifying
+things in the opposite direction.
+Thus if such scripts are displayed "correctly" they will not appear as intended.
+This switch enables emulation of the old VSFilter behavior (undesirable but
+expected by many existing scripts).
+Enabled by default.
.B \-dumpjacosub
Convert the given subtitle (specified with the \-sub option) to the time-based
JACOsub subtitle format.
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@@ -585,6 +585,7 @@ sub_alignment int 0 2 X X X subtitle alignment
sub_visibility flag 0 1 X X X show/hide subtitles
sub_forced_only flag 0 1 X X X
sub_scale float 0 100 X X X subtitles font size
+ass_vsfilter_aspect_compat flag 0 1 X X X SSA/ASS aspect ratio correction
tv_brightness int -100 100 X X X
tv_contrast int -100 100 X X X
tv_saturation int -100 100 X X X