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Specify the CD-ROM device (default: ``/dev/cdrom``).
Request the number of playback channels (default: 2). mpv asks the
decoder to decode the audio into as many channels as specified. Then it is
up to the decoder to fulfill the requirement. This is usually only
- important when playing videos with AC-3 audio (like DVDs). In that case
- liba52 does the decoding by default and correctly downmixes the audio into
- the requested number of channels. To directly control the number of output
- channels independently of how many channels are decoded, use the channels
- filter (``--af=channels``).
+ important when playing videos with AC-3, AAC or DTS audio. In that case
+ libavcodec downmixes the audio into the requested number of channels if
+ possible.
*NOTE*: This option is honored by codecs (AC-3 only), filters (surround)
and audio output drivers (OSS at least).
- Available options are:
+ The ``--channels`` option either takes a channel number or an explicit
+ channel layout. Channel numbers refer to default layouts, e.g. 2 channels
+ refer to stereo, 6 refers to 5.1.
- :2: stereo
- :4: surround
- :6: full 5.1
- :8: full 7.1
+ See ``--channels=help`` output for defined default layouts. This also
+ lists speaker names, which can be used to express arbitrary channel
+ layouts (e.g. ``fl-fr-lfe`` is 2.1).
Specify which chapter to start playing at. Optionally specify which