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@@ -159,10 +159,10 @@ List of Input Commands
``multiply <property> <factor>``
Multiplies the value of a property with the numeric factor.
-``screenshot [subtitles|video|window|- [single|each-frame]]``
+``screenshot [subtitles|video|window|single|each-frame]``
Take a screenshot.
- First argument:
+ Multiple flags are available (some can be combined with ``+``):
<subtitles> (default)
Save the video image, in its original resolution, and with subtitles.
@@ -182,6 +182,10 @@ List of Input Commands
frame was dropped. This flag can be combined with the other flags,
e.g. ``video+each-frame``.
+ Older mpv versions required passing ``single`` and ``each-frame`` as
+ second argument (and did not have flags). This syntax is still understood,
+ but deprecated and might be removed in the future.
``screenshot-to-file "<filename>" [subtitles|video|window]``
Take a screenshot and save it to a given file. The format of the file will
be guessed by the extension (and ``--screenshot-format`` is ignored - the