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manpage: Improve wording on icc-approx-gamma
This version is clearer on its origin, prevalence and use case and offers some advice to the user.
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Approximate the actual BT.709 gamma function as a pure power curve of
- 1.95. This is not quite correct, but it was historically used as a
- faster version of the actual function, and seems to still be used by
- many video editing programs and perhaps even studios. If you find your
- videos displaying ever so slightly slightly brighter than you'd expect
- them to, try enabling this option.
+ 1.95. A number of video editing programs and studios apparently use this
+ for mastering instead of the true curve. Most notably, anything in the
+ Apple ecosystem uses this approximation - including all programs
+ compatible with it. It's a sound idea to try enabling this flag first
+ when watching movies and shows to see if things look better that way.
Size of the 3D LUT generated from the ICC profile in each dimension.