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quvi: disable subtitle fetching by default
This is slow and unreliable, basically unusable.
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Also see ``--really-quiet`` and ``--msglevel``.
- Toggles fetching of subtitles from streaming sites with libquvi.
+ Toggles fetching of subtitles from streaming sites with libquvi. Disabled
+ by default, because it's unreliable and slow. Note that when enabled,
+ subtitles will always be fetched, even if subtitles are explicitly
+ disabled with ``--no-sub`` (because you might want to enable subtitles
+ at runtime).
- Supported in libquvi 0.9.x.
- Enabled by default
+ Supported when using libquvi 0.9.x.
Video format/quality that is directly passed to libquvi (default: ``best``).