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demux: export demuxer cache sizes in bytes
Plus sort of document them, together with the already existing undocumented fields. (This is mostly for debugging, so use is discouraged.)
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+ Other fields (might be changed or removed in the future):
+ ``eof``
+ True if the reader thread has hit the end of the file.
+ ``underrun``
+ True if the reader thread could not satisfy a decoder's request for a
+ new packet.
+ ``idle``
+ True if the thread is currently not reading.
+ ``total-bytes``
+ Sum of packet bytes (plus some overhead estimation) of the entire packet
+ queue, including cached seekable ranges.
+ ``fw-bytes``
+ Sum of packet bytes (plus some overhead estimation) of the readahead
+ packet queue (packets between current decoder reader positions and
+ demuxer position).
Returns ``yes`` if the stream demuxed via the main demuxer is most likely
played via network. What constitutes "network" is not always clear, might