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vo_gpu: hwdec_dxva2dxgi: initial implementation
This enables DXVA2 hardware decoding with ra_d3d11. It should be useful for Windows 7, where D3D11VA is not available. Images are transfered from D3D9 to D3D11 using D3D9Ex surface sharing[1]. Following Microsoft's recommendations, it uses a queue of shared surfaces, similar to Microsoft's ISurfaceQueue. This will hopefully prevent surface sharing from impacting parallelism and allow multiple D3D11 frames to be in-flight at once. [1]:
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@@ -691,8 +691,9 @@ Video
:videotoolbox: requires ``--vo=gpu`` (OS X 10.8 and up),
or ``--vo=opengl-cb`` (iOS 9.0 and up)
:videotoolbox-copy: copies video back into system RAM (OS X 10.8 or iOS 9.0 and up)
- :dxva2: requires ``--vo=gpu`` with ``--gpu-context=angle`` or
- ``--gpu-context=dxinterop`` (Windows only)
+ :dxva2: requires ``--vo=gpu`` with ``--gpu-context=d3d11``,
+ ``--gpu-context=angle`` or ``--gpu-context=dxinterop``
+ (Windows only)
:dxva2-copy: copies video back to system RAM (Windows only)
:d3d11va: requires ``--vo=gpu`` with ``--gpu-context=d3d11`` or
``--gpu-context=angle`` (Windows 8+ only)