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video: make --deinterlace and HW deinterlace filters always deinterlace
Before this, we made deinterlacing dependent on the video codec metadata (AVFrame.interlaced_frame for libavcodec). So even if --deinterlace=yes was set, we skipped deinterlacing if the flag wasn't set. This is very unreliable and there are many streams with flags incorrectly set. The potential problem is that this might upset people who alwase enabled deinterlace and hoped it worked. But it's likely these people were screwed by this setting anyway. The new behavior is less tricky and easier to understand, and this preferable. Maybe one day we could introduce a --deinterlace=auto, which does the right thing, but of course this would be hard to implement (esecially with hwdec). Fixes #5219.
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@@ -72,6 +72,9 @@ Interface changes
will probably stall.
- deprecate the OpenGL cocoa backend, option choice --gpu-context=cocoa
when used with --gpu-api=opengl (use --vo=opengl-cb)
+ - make --deinterlace=yes always deinterlace, instead of trying to check
+ certain unreliable video metadata. Also flip the defaults of all builtin
+ HW deinterlace filters to always deinterlace.
--- mpv 0.28.0 ---
- rename --hwdec=mediacodec option to mediacodec-copy, to reflect
conventions followed by other hardware video decoding APIs
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@@ -1036,6 +1036,8 @@ Video
``--deinterlace=auto`` was removed, which used to mean that the default
interlacing option of possibly inserted video filters was used.)
+ Note that this will make video look worse if it's not actually interlaced.
Play/convert only first ``<number>`` video frames, then quit.
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@@ -488,8 +488,8 @@ Available mpv-only filters are:
mpv bugs.
- :no: Deinterlace all frames.
- :yes: Only deinterlace frames marked as interlaced (default).
+ :no: Deinterlace all frames (default).
+ :yes: Only deinterlace frames marked as interlaced.
:no: Use the API as it was interpreted by older Mesa drivers. While
@@ -544,7 +544,7 @@ Available mpv-only filters are:
Try to apply inverse telecine, needs motion adaptive temporal
- If ``yes`` (default), only deinterlace frames marked as interlaced.
+ If ``yes``, only deinterlace frames marked as interlaced (default: no).
Use default VDPAU scaling (default).
@@ -558,7 +558,7 @@ Available mpv-only filters are:
Whether deinterlacing is enabled (default: no).
- If ``yes`` (default), only deinterlace frames marked as interlaced.
+ If ``yes``, only deinterlace frames marked as interlaced (default: no).
Tries to select a video processor with the given processing capability.
If a video processor supports multiple capabilities, it is not clear