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command: add demuxer-lavf-list property
Was only available with --demuxer-lavf-format=help and the demuxer needed to be used for it to actually print the list. This can be used in the future to check if 'dash' support was compiled with FFmpeg so ytdl_hook can use it instead. For now, dashdec is too rudimentary to be used right away.
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The encoder names (``driver`` entries) can be passed to ``--ovc`` and
``--oac`` (without the ``lavc:`` prefix required by ``--vd`` and ``--ad``).
+ List of available libavformat demuxers' names. This can be used to check
+ for support for a specific format or use with ``--demuxer-lavf-format``.
Return the mpv version/copyright string. Depending on how the binary was
built, it might contain either a release version, or just a git hash.