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manpage: adjust description of libva deinterlacer ref direction mess
Relevant: Eventually I'll just remove this option. But it's probably good to leave it for while, possibly for letting Mesa VA driver users test and confirm this.
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@@ -755,11 +755,13 @@ Available filters are:
:yes: Only deinterlace frames marked as interlaced (default).
- :no: Use the API as it appears to be documented. Reported to work well
- with Mesa drivers.
- :yes: Switch surface forward and backwards references (default). Appears
- to work (or work better than ``no``) with Intel drivers. Matters
- only for the advanced deinterlacing algorithms.
+ :no: Use the API as it was interpreted by older Mesa drivers. While
+ this interpretation was more obvious and inuitive, it was
+ apparently wrong, and not shared by Intel driver developers.
+ :yes: Use Intel interpretation of surface forward and backwards
+ references (default). This is what Intel drivers and newer Mesa
+ drivers expect. Matters only for the advanced deinterlacing
+ algorithms.
VDPAU video post processing. Works with ``--vo=vdpau`` and ``--vo=opengl``