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vo_opengl: rework --opengl-dumb-mode
It's now possible to request non-dumb mode as a user, even when not using any non-dumb features. This change is mostly intended for testing, so I can easily switch between dumb and non-dumb mode on default settings. The default behavior is unaffected.
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@@ -54,6 +54,8 @@ Interface changes
vf/af commands too)
- remove --demuxer-lavf-cryptokey. Use --demux-lavf-o=cryptokey=<hex> or
--demux-lavf-o=decryption_key=<hex> instead (whatever fits your situation).
+ - rename --opengl-dumb-mode=no to --opengl-dumb-mode=auto, and make `no`
+ always disable it (unless forced on by hardware limitation).
--- mpv 0.25.0 ---
- remove opengl-cb dxva2 dummy hwdec interop
(see git "vo_opengl: remove dxva2 dummy hwdec backend")
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@@ -4845,17 +4845,17 @@ The following video options are currently all specific to ``--vo=opengl`` and
flipping GL front and backbuffers immediately (i.e. it doesn't call it
in display-sync mode).
This mode is extremely restricted, and will disable most extended OpenGL
- features. This includes high quality scalers and custom shaders!
+ features. That includes high quality scalers and custom shaders!
It is intended for hardware that does not support FBOs (including GLES,
which supports it insufficiently), or to get some more performance out of
bad or old hardware.
This mode is forced automatically if needed, and this option is mostly
- useful for debugging. It's also enabled automatically if nothing uses
- features which require FBOs.
+ useful for debugging. The default of ``auto`` will enable it automatically
+ if nothing uses features which require FBOs.
This option might be silently removed in the future.