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vo: make opengl-cb first in the autoprobing order
This should be helpful for the new OSX Cocoa backend, which uses opengl-cb internally. Since it comes with a behavior change that could possibly interfere with libmpv/opengl_cb users, we mark it as explicit API change.
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+ --- mpv 0.29.0 ---
+ 1.27 - make opengl-cb the default VO. This causes a subtle behavior change
+ if the API user called mpv_opengl_cb_init_gl(), but does not set
+ the "vo" option. Before, it would still have used another VO (like
+ on the CLI, e.g. vo=gpu). Now it'll behave as if vo=opengl-cb was
+ used.
--- mpv 0.28.0 ---
1.26 - remove glMPGetNativeDisplay("drm") support
- add mpv_opengl_cb_window_pos and mpv_opengl_cb_drm_params and