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options: actually deprecate --mute=auto
Also, make it internally actually an alias to "no".
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@@ -72,6 +72,7 @@ Interface changes
treating it as a hardware overlay (without applying GL filtering). Also
to be changed in 0.22.0: the --fs flag will be reset to "no" by default
(like on the other platforms).
+ - deprecate --mute=auto (informally has been since 0.18.1)
- deprecate "resume" and "suspend" IPC commands. They will be completely
removed in 0.22.0.
- deprecate mp.suspend(), mp.resume(), mp.resume_all() Lua scripting
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@@ -2114,6 +2114,9 @@ caveats with some properties (due to historical reasons):
When set as option, the maximum (set by ``--volume-max``) is not checked,
while when set as property, the maximum is enforced.
+ The option has a deprecated ``auto`` value, which is equal to ``no``.
The property is read-only and returns the current internal playlist. The
option is for loading playlist during command line parsing. For client API
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@@ -1134,9 +1134,10 @@ Audio
Audio delay in seconds (positive or negative float value). Positive values
delay the audio, and negative values delay the video.
- Set startup audio mute status. ``auto`` (default) will not change the mute
- status.
+ Set startup audio mute status (default: no).
+ ``auto`` is a deprecated possible value that is equivalent to ``no``.
See also: ``--volume``.